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What to expect & what you'll learn

This is a practical, fluff-free, hands-on workshop. It's like a live workshop, but you can take each step at your own pace and have more time to think.

You'll learn with bitesize videos, demos, lessons, practical tasks and downloadable templates.

I'll show you how to do each step, then it's your turn to put what you've learnt into practice.

At the end of the course, you'll have a ton of new ideas and a simple process to follow to keep your content flowing, so you'll never run out of ideas again. You'll have a bank of helpful topics to choose from when you're ready to start creating your content.

Together we'll...

  • Demystify the ideas process.

  • Turn your brain fog into a ton of ideas that help your people.

  • Clear space in your brain to learn new things, spend more time on your business, or just chill out with a clearer mind.

  • Make it quick and easy to organise your ideas.

  • Complete each step from start to finish with examples, so you'll see exactly how it all works and what you'll get from it.

This is for you if...

  • You're a freelancer, small business owner or you're learning marketing as part of a team.

  • You want to share content your customers want to see.

  • You love the idea of a live workshop, but like to have more thinking time and flexibility.

  • You're ready to commit 10 minutes a week to level-up your content process.

  • You want a helping hand to show you exactly how to do each step.

  • You enjoy relaxed workshops with the occasional background dog.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Hi! Start here 👋

    • What to expect & what you'll learn

  • 2

    Step 1: Clear your mind 🧙‍♂️

    • Lesson 1: Your specialist subjects

    • Lesson 2: Video workshop

  • 3

    Step 2: Get organised 🌳

    • Lesson 1: Write. It. Down.

    • Lesson 2: Video workshop

  • 4

    Step 3: Listen & learn 🎤

    • Lesson 1: Strategic loitering

    • Lesson 2: Video workshop

  • 5

    Step 4: Consult the oracle 🔮

    • Lesson 1: Harness the fountain of knowledge

    • Lesson 2: Video workshop

  • 6

    Step 5: Real connection 🤗

    • Lesson 1: What makes you feel good?

    • Lesson 2: Video workshop

  • 7

    Step 6: Hidden treasures 👑

    • Lesson 1: An untapped goldmine

    • Lesson 2: Video workshop

  • 8

    Step 7: Positive action 🎬

    • Lesson 1: Putting it into practice

    • Quiz time: Let's do this...

  • 9

    Hooray! Go forth... 🥳

    • You did it!

Infrequently asked questions

  • How long will it take me to complete?

    There are 7 steps each taking around half an hour. You can do a bit each day over 7 days, or get in the zone and binge it in half a day. Take it easy and keep it simple, however works best for you so you don't burn out your brain.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You'll have lifetime access. If life gets in the way you can come back anytime to complete the course or revisit what you learnt.

  • What if I get stuck?

    Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer to any of the lessons, only what feels right for you. If you get stuck, you're not alone. If you have any questions, you can ask me anytime.